Your Reputation Precedes You

January 31, 2009

Filed under: Practice Leadership — Ginny Hegarty @ 10:08 am

How will a global economy affect dentistry? Check out page 15 in Geoff Colvin’s new book, Talent is Overrated and prepare for a wake-up call. “You might suppose, for example, that dentists will always have to be where their patients are. Not so. Many consumers in Britain, where dentistry is a much-criticized part of the National Health Service, are taking low-fare flights to Poland to get their dental work done by well-trained dentists who charge bargain prices. If you think your job isn’t exportable, you may be right – but think about it hard before you relax.”

World-class care has taken on a whole new meaning. This is both a wake-up call and a fabulous opportunity – a game changer for exceptional practitioner.

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