Reward What You Want Repeated

August 7, 2010

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One of the most basic findings in psychology is that rewarding a behavior increases the likelihood that it will increase

-People want to be appreciated and recognized
-The praise (and you) must be genuine for it to be credible
-If you praise more frequently, people will be accepting of your corrective feedback
-Don’t sandwich corrective feedback with praise, or your praise will be met with the thought “What did I do now?”
-If you’re not in the habit of giving frequent praise, announce your intentions to praise people more often so they don’t wonder what’s going on. Tell them you’ve always appreciated them but realize that you seldom put it into words and you want to start letting them know how you feel about their contribution.

Bob Wall’s book Coaching for Emotional Intelligence – The Secrets to Developing the Star Potential in Your Employees
-Ginny Hegarty

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